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3010, 2020

Tips for Staying Safe This Halloween

Choose Outdoor over Indoor Activities Halloween is one of our last opportunities to take advantage of safer alternatives to indoor activities this season. Pumpkin patches, outdoor costume parades, reduced contact trick or treating are just a couple of ways to celebrate in the fresh air! Partaking in events like indoor costume parties and haunted houses can put you and other guests at risk.   Plan for Social Distancing Keep activities between nuclear families and close relatives. If you are attending events, remain with your party and leave space between you and others. If you’d like to give away

2210, 2020

Home Decorating For Fall

Home Decorating for Fall!   Bring in Light   It’s getting dark quicker these days, making it feel much later than it actually is. Keep it light and cozy by adding a Pumpkin Spice candle or stringing up lights for a festive feel. Add a little extra glow to illuminate your space.   Extra Blankets   There is nothing like wrapping up in a warm blanket drinking cocoa by the fire. Surprise your guests with even MORE blankets. Wool, knitted, plaid, hand-stitched! The possibilities are endless. A simple rolled up blanket makes a cute addition to a guest

1610, 2020

What YOU Need to Know About Your Credit Score

What YOU Need to Know About Your Credit Score  – And how you can improve it! The Top 5 Credit Score Factors: Payment History: Even one missed payment can harm your score. Payment history accounts for 35% of your credit score! Credit Utilization: The total revolving credit you currently use is divided by the total of all your revolving credit limits. Credit utilization accounts for 30% of your credit score.  Using MORE than 30% of your available credit is a negative sign to creditors. Credit History Length: The age of your oldest credit account, the age of your

210, 2020

Are you ready to buy a house? Here is how to save money!

Are You Ready To Buy A House? Here Is How To Save Money! Around this time of year many couples, new families and long-term residents begin to look at buying a home or even refinancing! Here is some food for thought if you are ready to take action and start saving today! We have provided you a step-by-step plan to make saving for your home easy! Here are the clean and clear objectives when saving: Set a savings target. Automate saving transfers. Minimize expenses. SAVE FOR A HOME! Setting Goals: Define your budget and get your deadline in

2409, 2020

Revamp Your Home This Fall!

Revamp your home this fall! With the extra hours we’ve spending in our homes, try taking the time to make small yet impactful projects to improve your space! These are the easiest way to change things up and add a little liveliness back into your house. Organization While this may not be the most appealing of all our suggestions it is an amazing way to make your home more functional. By reducing the clutter everyone can enjoy the benefits! Indoor Garden Indoor plants are a great way to clean and purify the air in your home. Place them

1109, 2020

What To Know About Buying a Vacation Home

Most of us have been stopped in our tracks due to the Coronavirus Pandemic; Vacation plans are cancelled; cabin fever is in full effect. Our homes have become the mecca of our day-to-day life. Our homes have become our schools, our offices, and our haven from uncertainty. As the paradigm continues to shift, “home” remains the safest place to unwind. If this fits your bill, it may be a great time to consider investing in a vacation home. Your own home away from home with the built-in assurance that you have created a safe atmosphere for yourself and

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