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With equity still on the rise, growing prices great news for homeowners

On Wednesday, our founder and CEO, David Hall, joined our good friends at ‘Live In the D’ on WDIV in Detroit. David spoke with host Kim Degiulio live on the air about how Hall Financial can help people throughout metro Detroit, and all of Michigan with a refinance of their mortgage. With historically low rates still being available and home values rising across the board, it has created an amazing opportunity for people looking to lower their monthly payments or even utilize the equity in their house to put cash back in their pocket! “The average homeowner in

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Hall Financial Will Refinance Your Home Quickly With No Extra Fees!

Recently, our president and CEO, David Hall, appeared on the ‘Morning Mix’ on Fox 17, the local affiliate covering Grand Rapids to Battle Creek. David wanted to take the time to share with West Michigan viewers how Hall Financial can aid those looking to refinance and quickly tap into their home’s equity. Why refinance? As David explained live on-air, the historically low-interest rates that we have seen over the last year and a half still stay in a very advantageous position for homeowners. “Some may think they have missed out because of the rates coming back up a

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Scotsman Guide: With Equity Still On The Rise Growing Prices Great News For Homeowners!

A recent piece in the Scotsman Guide by Arnie Aurellano touched on the newfound surge in home equity.  According to the article, almost 18 million homes in the country were equity-rich in the first quarter of this year. That is almost a third of all mortgaged residential properties in the United States and up from only 26.5% in the first three months of 2020.  That huge increase in equity is something that can be fully taken advantage of through a refinance with Hall Financial. Along with the historically low interest rates that make a refinance a great opportunity because of the subsequent lower monthly payments, the increase in home

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Webinar: How to Save Money on Your Mortgage

Hall Financial hosted the webinar “How to Save Money on Your Mortgage” with a couple of our expert Home Loan Advisors. Below you will find clips from the webinar that cover what a 5-Star refinancing experience is like with Hall Financial, and also answers to frequently asked questions.     This 5-minute covers the first basic steps of refinancing with Hall Financial! Hall Financial educates our clients throughout the refinance process to determine what is the best decision for them.    The biggest benefit right now to refinancing are loan interest rates! Watch this video to learn more about other benefits like shortening your term or

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4 Ways to Upgrade Your Patio Space

Spring has finally sprung, and patio season is officially here! With the weather breaking and many Michigander’s spending time outside, enhancing outdoor living space has become a priority for many. Upgrading any area of your home can rack up a bill, but there’s no need to tap into your savings when you can tap into your equity. Home values are at an all-time high, and yours may have increased since you last financed your home. On top of that, rates are at historic lows, setting up an excellent opportunity for a refi! When refinancing with Hall Financial, you

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5-Star Experiences

Phenomenal 5-star service and more personal attention is what Hall Financial is all about. Hall Financial provides exceptional refinancing and purchasing experiences for our clients; we value strong communication, record-breaking closing times and providing a positive experience which has generated over 3,000 5-star reviews. Why should you refinance or purchase with Hall Financial? Besides closing refinance loans in 10 days or less, historically low interest rates, and more personal attention, hear what our clients had to say below!   Ebony's 5-Star Experience Ebony and her husband were watching TV, saw a Hall Financial ad, and were looking for

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